Volunteering in Patchway, Filton and the Stokes


Volunteers’ Week is an annual event which celebrates the fantastic contribution that millions of volunteers make across the UK. The week plays a huge part in raising the profile of the millions of volunteers who regularly contribute to society, while inspiring others to get involved too. 

RED TAPE Campaign

Volunteering England believes that nothing should be easier than giving your time to help other people.
The truth is that there are a number of things that often stand in the way of someone volunteering. Some of them real barriers; others are myths and misunderstandings; some are good old fashioned bureaucracy. Some are created by government and others by organisations that involve volunteers.

The aim of this campaign is to cut through some of this red tape – real and imagined – and let people know how easy it is to help out in their community.

Myth: You can only volunteer for sixteen hours a week if you receive state benefits.
Fact: Your volunteering hours are not limited, as long as you continue to meet the conditions of your benefits.
You must talk to Jobcentre Plus, your local council or whoever pays your benefits before you start volunteering.

Myth: Voluntary groups that work with children and vulnerable adults have to check every volunteer with the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB).
Fact: Checks should only be made for roles that meet the CRB’s eligibility criteria. If an application for a check is not justified, you could be breaking the law, as well as creating unnecessary bureaucracy.
The complete list of eligible posts is available at

Myth: People with criminal convictions cannot volunteer with children and vulnerable adults.
Fact: Very few people are barred from employment or volunteering. Only certain convictions will stop someone from volunteering with children and vulnerable adults. As with any volunteer, a CRB check should only be made if the role meets the CRB’s eligibility criteria.

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