Volunteering in Patchway, Filton and the Stokes

Employer Supported Volunteering

Does your company or employer support their staff to take part in volunteering and community activities? If you are looking for a group project to do with colleagues or a staff team, or to help individual staff members find suitable volunteering positions then The Volunteer Centre is a great place to start. We have a good working relationship with many voluntary and community organisations in the area and can help your staff find a suitable volunteering opportunity for individuals or teams.

Team Challenges
Giving time is valuable; a team of people from 5-50 can make a huge difference to an organisation in just one or two days. A typical team activity may include activities such as painting, decorating, gardening or conservation. This is fantastic way of involving the whole team in a unique activity; the joint sense of satisfaction from completing a piece of work together can create better working relationships between colleagues back in the office, and it’s all for a great cause!

AirBus Graduate Team helping with playground development at Coniston Primary and Decorating Patchway Communtiy Centre, July 2012

Cost: Each organised activity will vary but your company should be aware of supporting the cost involved in group volunteering. Man and woman power is always gratefully received but it will incur expenses which that particular charity or organisation are not able to absorb. Examples of such costs are for tools, safety equipment, skip hire, paints and scaffold, and staff time. Any additional help your company can give by raising funds for the activity will be hugely appreciated and it can make the difference between the work going ahead or not.
Charities and community organisations rarely generate an income therefore despite being in need of improvements, finding the cash to complete work is often difficult. Helping to cover the cost will really give the organisation a boost.

Individual Volunteering: Short and Long Term Projects
Another way of contributing to the community is to lend professional skills to voluntary and community organisations. By encouraging individuals to lend their time, voluntary and community organisations can benefit from professional skills and knowledge to grow and develop in line with the times.
Volunteer organisations are often run on a shoe string with limited resources and are open to any extra support they can get; particularly from professionally trained people whose support can go a long way. Supporting the development of an organisation and helping them with their systems can leave them with ongoing benefits long after the volunteer has left.

Examples of this are: 
• IT Systems
• Book Keeping
• Accountancy
• Building Management
• Health and Safety
• Admin Support
• Systems
• Marketing
• Business Planning.
• Auditing
• Design
• Public Relations
• Training
• Advertising

Sharing Resources:
Offering resources from within your company such as conference rooms, events space, catering supplies and donating used IT equipment will benefit local organisations looking to extend their pool of resources. Rolls Royce, as a local example, lend their printing facilities to charitable organisations who need to print marketing material.

Link in with the community sector
By advertising local events within your company such as International Women’s Day, Filton Festival, Patchway Festival, Bradley Stoke Radio, Play Events and Conservation Action Days, you will be supporting the work of the voluntary and community centre.

Setting up an Employer Volunteering new scheme?
Get in touch! We can help you find opportunities for your staff to work together as a team or become involved in voluntary projects on an individual basis. . 



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