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Volunteer involving organisations should aim to provide the most successful experience possible for both themselves and the volunteer. Furthermore, the Volunteer Centre can support your best practice under the guidelines of Volunteering England. We offer a training program, one-to-one support and advice in the form of volunteering health checks.
(see the 'Health Check' document to download in the right-hand column)


By registering with the Volunteer Centre, we can help to recruit volunteers on behalf of your organisation. We can post your volunteering opportunities on to the Do It website, a national database of volunteering opportunities, advertise and promote your services and help to find volunteers for events.

To register with the Volunteer Centre, please complete the form on the right of this page (in Word or PDF format) and post or email to the Volunteer Centre.

Planning is essential for the successful placement and retention of volunteers in organisations. The Volunteer Centre can provide guidance on developing role descriptions, volunteer agreements and volunteer handbooks to best support your volunteers.

Things to consider:

  • Why is your organisation recruiting volunteers? What activities will your volunteers be supporting?  Is this be made clear?
  • Your organisation should work towards creating a comprehensive Volunteer Policy. This can include information on recruitment, confidentiality and health and safety, as well as the organisation’s mission statement and information on equality. The Volunteer Centre can help you with this.
  • A role description should include as much information about the volunteering role as possible. This can include a list of duties, tasks and responsibilities as well as the commitment required from the volunteer. A list of necessary and desirable skills and contact details are also useful.
  • Has your organisation budgeted for volunteer expenses?

(see the 'Good Practice Guide'' document to download in the right-hand column)

A major reason for volunteers leaving projects is a perceived lack of support. Support can be structured, such as regular one-to-one appraisals, or less structured, such as a telephone call. It is important to inform volunteers from the beginning of the amount and method of support they will be receiving.


The Volunteer Centre is only able to work with groups and organisations that are insured and have satisfactory volunteering policies. In addition, we can only support not-for-profit organisations such as charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises in the public sector.

Setting up a group

If your organisation is thinking about involving volunteers for the first time, the Volunteer Centre can help. It is important to think about how volunteers could be an asset to your organisation and to put the volunteer infrastructure in to place.


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