Volunteer Kingswood

Volunteer Kingswood

Volunteer Centre Kingswood

Volunteer Centre Kingswood is Southern Brooks volunteering brokerage and support project. Through this work we promote volunteering across the wider Kingswood area and particularly within Kingswood, Staple Hill and Cadbury Heath. We support both individuals thinking about volunteering and groups working with and wanting to work with volunteers.

Volunteer Organisers Forum

Wednesday 27th June
The Batch, Warmley
10:30am - 1pm
An opportunity to meet other local groups working with teams of volunteers. This event is open to very small voluntary groups, national charities working in South Gloucestershire and anyone who's role it is to support, recruit, work with volunteers.
The morning will include:
  • Tea and coffee with a chance to chat and network
  • A selection of local case studies of volunteering and a Q&A
  • Speaker from South Gloucestershire Equalities and Diversity network discussing disability, inclusivity and answering questions.
  • Group discussion
  • Simple buffet lunch with more time to share ideas
Plenty of parking available on site and accessible facilities.
Please call 01454 868570 to discuss further specific requirements and access needs.

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