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Case Studies

Julia | Growing Support

Growing Support is a not for profit organisation passionate about tackling social isolation and loneliness experienced by people with social care and health needs, particularly amongst people suffering with dementia. Here is what Julia has to say about her volunteering experience at Growing support:

Why did you decide to volunteer at Growing Support?

It combines two things in my life, a love of gardening and a life long interest in people. I orginally trained as an occupational therapist so I guess there has always been for me that thread of supporting people. Eventually I would love to be working in the community in a role that does that and I am sure this experience will help lead there.

What have you gained from volunteering?

I've learnt a lot about the value of supporting people based on what they can do, rather than what they can't do. That's actually been a valuable lesson for me in other work I do when I'm not volunteering. When we run the sessions we are bringing something interesting and new to the older people we work with. It's a very tangible demonstration of bringing the community to the residents, showing that they haven't been given up on, they are people worthy of our time and attention.

Would you recommend this type of volunteering to someone?

Oh, yes, I would. I feel like I am making good use of my skills. In the same way that we are giving the residents a sense of worth and achievement that's what I am getting too.

Bhavna's Volunteering Experience

About me - My name is Bhavna. I am from India and am here to express my volunteering experience during my visit trip in Bristol.

My volunteering experience at Volunteer Centre has taught me so much in such a short period of time – new friends, patience, interest in learning new skills knowledge about so many organisation who dedicate work for community. I must say I am really very impressed with the community work over here.
I now have a strong desire to go back to my place and invest my learning to the community where I live.

For me, volunteering is a way to be connected with God and feel the inner peace and satisfaction. I have been very lucky that I was able to be useful to this beautiful community since 2004. My volunteering journey started in Nepal by visiting Pashupati Old Age Home, a children's shelter home – whose parents were in prison and then in Bangalore with Dream a Dream, a charitable organisation working towards children from a vulnerable background .

Each new volunteering experience has always taught me a positive way to live a life...the opportunity comes as a knock from God to convey a message – it’s time to give back to the community and have enough power to make a difference !!!
I believe Volunteering introduces a new way to live your life happily. It’s an opportunity to create good KARMA in your life account.